Quality is also - and mainly - expressed through the materials, and all furnishings that we offer - sofas and tables, chairs and living room systems - are make with the purest materials.

Safeguarding the authenticity of Made in Italy tradition is also seen in the production and selection of leathers, fabrics, woods, metals, stone and padding materials. All brands have established highly severe criteria for selecting the latter category of materials.for

Many materials must also be certified, just to make sure there are no surprises. The cabinetry tradition, for example, is connected to technological progress, a heritage that forms the reference point for identifying and processing the best materials.

Another important tradition is leather tanning: many of our producers only use full grain leather, which is taken from the collar and shoulder of animals, the finest and largest piece of the hide. Natural stone, the most important material, is also selected carefully, and only from selected quarries.

Therefore, the materials are an indispensable ingredient in a qualitatively excellent product, where artisan craftsmanship adapts perfectly to the most recent production methods.