Retailer of Ceramiche Globo in Cameroon and the rest of Africa

Globo has produced ceramics since 1980, catering for contemporary needs and tastes. An expert creative team designs quality products that are both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced.

The Globo laboratories study new clays in order to develop new, high-performance products. One example is the patented GLOBOTHIN® clay, less thick, more resistant and with a glossier glaze. The careful monitoring of the production phases and the collaboration with the R&D Department have produced the Ceraslide® glaze which in synergy with the Bataform® anti-bacterial treatment results in shiny, healthy fixtures, perfect for those that want a hygienic and luxurious bathroom.
The brand produces sinks, pans, bidets, shower trays, bathtubs and under-sink structures. It also has a wide selection of solutions for the disabled and elderly.

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